Rydelle riding the Raven Mocker Rephaim

The Life of Rydelle Messer


When Rydelle was born her birth parents were way too young, and were unable to keep her. That was why she got adopted by two African American parents in Brenevila then about four years later they finally had a child of their own they named Sarah. For many years Sarah and Rydelle did not get along well at all. Also Rydelle hid the fact that she was adopted by two African American parents to avoid made fun of. Before she graduated they insisted she went to college not once listening to her. After that Rydelle at the age of seventeen dated Rory Whirlwind she had no idea was a vampire until she got pregnant. Then after giving birth to a baby girl half vampire half human while Rydelle was still a human named her Valora before Rory Whirlwind took Valora away from her because her parents forced him to.

After getting changed into a vampire by Otis Rodatey was when Victoria and Laurent Rodatey took Rydelle into their family. Since Rydelle wasn't happy staying with the Rodateys though all of them were nice to her decided to leave them and she did. Rydelle crashed a car, saw Dorana kill the evil vampire Mirana in the most brutal and grotesque way possible, and eventually married a giant named Kinger Messer. After that reunited with her daughter, Valora who fell in love with an elf named Legolas after growing-up way too quickly. After Rydelle tricked Dorana by poisoning her to death mixing it with her favorite nectarine juice was when Valora gave birth to a son named Clonk. Characters Page

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