The "Nasty World" movie-script, which is a sequel to "La-La Land" is now available to read. Enjoy!


==A LA-LA LAND SEQUEL == = By Jessie L. Cohn =


(Rydelle makes-out with Kinger on the park bench. Suddenly Adanta shows-up holding hands with both her teenage son she called Harlen alongside her giant husband, Moody.)

Adanta (frantically): Oh no Rydelle and Kinger! You all have to leave this park now before it is too late!

Rydelle (cries out): What?! But we just got here! We can’t leave now!

Kinger (loudly): Quiet Rydelle! (Then Kinger looks away from Rydelle soon gearing his eye contact towards Adanta, Harlen and Moody.) What’s going on Adanta? Why must we leave the park now? Tell us.

Harlen (sobs): There is an oglogok coming right after us about to approach this park, and eat us all for its meal.

Rydelle (surprised): A what?!

Moody (cries out): What in the –?!

Adanta (panics): An oglogok is an extremely ugly and terrifying ferocious monster even worse than all the carnivores in the zoo. They eat nothing, but people of all species such as humans, elves, dwarves, vampires, wizards, witches, sorcerers, half bloods, fairies, angels, Raven Mockers, Harpies, Sirens, Werewolves, and even giants too. We have to leave before we all become its meal today.

(Soon the people-eater known as an oglogok that has terrifying orange eyes, and was purple and black with red sharp long teeth. In addition to that also had red sharp claw-talons on all four of its legs. Everyone screams and runs away from the park when the monster tries to eat them all. Rydelle, Adanta, Kinger, Moody, and Harlen all run away from the park when the oglogok starts to chase them all. They all tried to outrun that awful hungry oglogok, but they were all unable to beat it on foot. Rydelle throws a huge stone she could barely at the oglogok, but then after that it gets mad. So mad that it bites Rydelle’s hand. Luckily Rydelle doesn’t lose it, but she gets badly hurt leaving an unwanted “X” mark at the palm of her hand.)


(Kinger, Moody, Adanta, and Harlen soon run to Rydelle who stood-up feeling the pain the terrifying oglogok gave her. Kinger lifts her hand, but then gets freaked-out after seeing an “X” mark on the palm of her hand.)

===Kinger (cries out): Oh my god Rydelle! That oglogok gave you an “X” mark on the palm of this hand after it bit it! What happened?!


Rydelle (sobs): I threw the huge stone I could barely carry at the monster to get it to go away and leave us alone. I thought it would make the monster go away, but it didn’t leave us. Not until it bit my hand, and gave me this.

Moody (sighs): Sounds like what you need is a visit to the emergency room Rydelle before it gets infected and you lose your hand. Probably will need stitches for sure, or worse surgery.

(The oglogok no longer chased them, but then moved on to chasing a bunch of other people eating some of them alive. Kinger soon separated from Rydelle, Adanta, Moody, and Harlen to fight against the monster against Rydelle’s wishes. Kinger soon picked-up a huge baseball bat, and afterwards swung it violently.)

Kinger (shouts): Batter up! (Kinger maliciously tries to kill the oglogok.)

Adanta (screams): Kinger! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

(The oglogok soon sticks out its tongue as it is still extremely hungry, and not yet full directly at Kinger. It picks-up Kinger with its talons causing Rydelle to gasp and gape in fear.)

Rydelle (shouts): Kinger – Watch out!


(The oglogok put Kinger into its mouth making Rydelle, Moody, Adanta, and Harlen extremely upset. That is the end of Kinger as he doesn’t live to regret his decision to fight it to his death. The most fabulous day Rydelle has now becomes an upsetting day as she is now a widow. A lonely widow whose giant children, her sister, Sarah, and daughter, Valora all live independently of her as adults. Although Adanta and Moody encounter her that day with Harlen she will not see them everyday. Used to be that she will always come home to just Kinger everyday, but now she will live in La-La Land alone.)

Moody (offers): Do you want us to come home with you just until you get used to living without Kinger?

Rydelle (sobs): Thanks for the offer, but no I have to get used to living by myself now that Kinger was eaten alive today. All my other children never see me anymore. I hardly see Sarah and Giant as much as I used to. Also I haven’t seen Valora and Legolas ever since they gave birth to Clonk. The last time I encountered you guys Harlen was only two years old, and now he is almost of age to move on. Funny how life is, but it is also a nasty world out there. I hope I will see you all again someday.

Adanta (pleads): Don’t sell your house please because if you won’t live in La-La Land anymore we would like to inherit it.

Rydelle (weeps): Oh please do Adanta. I’m leaving La-La Land tomorrow, and I am not coming here. Not for a long time because this place makes me sad.

Moody (crying in floods of tears): Where will you go?

Harlen (curious): Tell us please Rydelle.

Rydelle (sadly): If Kinger was alive I would stay here, but he’s dead now. I am going to move not to Brenevila City because that’s where Sarah lives, and my parents still live in too. No, I am going to move to U-Land tonight, so I must go home. Go home start packing then tonight I ride away to U-Land. I’m sorry to part from you all today. I will miss all of you, and goodbye.

(Soon Rydelle climbs on a tall bench where she mounts the brown horse Kinger used to ride everyday. After that she gallops that horse home extremely fast country Western-style. Rydelle gallops it as fast as she can, so she can pack then afterwards leave La-La Land for her destination U-Land.)

Look Out

(A stupid vampire man named Edward, who is totally delusional, surfs on an alligator at the zoo in U-Land. The angry alligator dumps poor Edward into the water chases him. Edward swims extremely fast with the alligator gaining on him. Then after Edward makes it out of the water gets chased again.)


(Edward gets so freaked-out he climbs over the fence to the other side. That way he won’t have to worry about getting eaten by one.)

Edward (paranoid): Do not feed the alligator, or it will eat you for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner!

(All the onlookers at the zoo gasped and gaped at Edward for doing such a dangerous and stupid stunt like that. Rydelle soon showed-up to see Edward totally soaking wet from top to bottom.)

Rydelle (freaked-out): How can you be so dumb?! Every smart person knows not to go near an alligator especially not to ride one like a surfboard! I mean what next?! Using a sword at the mall violently and maliciously to kill the innocent for fun?!

Edward (cheerfully): Good idea! Tomorrow I will put out my “Look out” sign, put white powder on my face, and paint my lips black! I like black lips just like I wish you would wear red lipstick just like – Leena over there does!

Rydelle (sobs): What is your name?

Edward (goofy): I am Edward Johnes, and I am a vampire. You changed me just last month Rydelle Messer. Also I am sorry for your loss. Kinger was a good giant man, and very loyal too. I was his best friend before you married him. Also you obviously have two daughters I adopted myself. One of them who is a vampire changed by me just yesterday is Bree. The other one who is half vampire half human just like Valora was is Leena. Leena; however, appears to be way more mentally unstable than me.

Rydelle (asks): Do you want to sleepover with me just this once?

Edward (seriously): I do Rydelle because I am all alone, and I am lonely. Besides you have a lot of foster kids, and I have no children or family at all.

(Soon Edward and Rydelle hug and kiss each other as if they really are lovers. Then after that Rydelle leaves the zoo with Edward holding hands with her. Bree and Leena walk behind them along with a bunch of other foster kids.)

Bree (asks): Will you take in another foster kid maybe Rydelle?

Rydelle (answers): No probably not.

Leena (questions): Why not?

Rydelle (answers): Because I have more than enough to take care of by myself. Also the eldest one, Maria who is still very young has a baby in her arms. She is an angel, but her baby is part angel and fairy.

Edward (softly): I think that you could use one more kid especially since Maria is refusing to leave. Now what is her daughter’s name?

Maria (sigh): Ramona is the name of my baby daughter, and I hope that she lives to grow-up.

Norman (sobs): I hope so too, but for people to say that fairies are supposed to tiny are no real people at all. But we are, as giants do not tower everyone in sight we can’t fit in a tree. We are only supposed to be one inch smaller than an average full-grown human is, but no more than that.

(Soon Rydelle leads all of the foster kids onto the former white school bus. After that Edward put out his “Look Out” sign followed by taking out from his black bag cherry cough syrup. Then he opens the bottle, inserts a straw in it, and drinks all of it from there. Then all of a sudden just out of the blue Clonk shows up alone. Then after that Rydelle and Clonk put their arms around each other.)

Rydelle (sadly): Clonk what is it? Why are you crying? I understand if you’re sad about Kinger’s death.

Clonk (wails): It isn’t Kinger’s death Rydelle. My dad, Legolas locked himself in his house last week, and he won’t come out. I hate to tell you this Rydelle, but my mom, Valora is gone.

Rydelle (demands): What do you mean by gone? I haven’t seen her for a really long time now, and was hoping I could soon.

Clonk (weeps): Valora is still alive, but she is in the emergency room right now. That is why Legolas won’t leave our house. He is scared of hospitals especially serious surgeries.

Rydelle (cries out): What kind of a surgery?! What happened to her Clonk?!

Clonk (crying in floods of tears): She left La-La Land for the night riding all the way to Duran to go to the fancy party. Valora was dancing, eating a fancy steak dinner, and was having just one glass of red wine. Suddenly during the middle of the night just last week I get a call at midnight. A call from the emergency room being announced that Valora hurt injured. She fell off a wild unicorn she tried to ride then got trampled on by a bunch of wild ones.

Rydelle (asks): When will I be able to see Valora?

Clonk (answers): As soon as three days from now. I will tell Legolas later that he may come out of the house now. Also Valora didn’t lose any of her body parts. All she needed was to have surgery on her stomach, but is doing much better now.

Rydelle (crying in buckets of tears): Boy am I glad to hear that.

(Soon Edward claps his hands. Then after that jumps up in the air like an overly excited hyper kid will.)

Edward (cheers): YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Now that Valora has gone to the hospital I will too! In fact, I’m going to get myself so seriously injured that I will need surgery! That is in addition to my most favorite fun place called the emergency room!

(Rydelle and all of her foster kids gasp and gape at Edward for such an inappropriate comment like that. Soon Rydelle drives Edward, and all of the foster kids home. Her dream farm now exists thanks to the many donations contributed.)

Allison Wonder

(Meanwhile a sixteen-year-old purple-haired girl named Allison Wonder rides a brown horse back to the homestead in Indren. There she saw a wizard named Merlin, and a young witch who calls herself Laurel. They both ride black horses Western-style in all black tack side by side at a full gallop.)

Allison (cheerfully): Good morning Merlin. Hello Laurel. Enjoying the ride on this nice beautiful day?

Merlin (joyfully): Why of course we are Allison. There is not a cloud in the sky, so no way will it rain today.

Laurel (asks): Do your parents know you’re riding?

Allison (excitedly): Heck yeah, or else I wouldn’t be doing it.

Laurel (whispers): Mistress you better come quick. Something terrible has happened in the homestead you live in.

Allison (frantically): Oh my god!

(Allison just then gallops her horse all the way to the homestead. When she gets there dismounts it, puts her horse away after removing all the tack, and then runs to the homestead. Allison goes inside her mom and dad’s bedroom where she sees her mom so weak she cannot move herself alone.)

Allison’s mother (weakly): I have some extremely bad news I must tell you now before it is too late. Your father got arrested last night for ransacking every store. All the stores in the big Brenevila City Mall, and stole money from everyone too. He even lost his job yesterday afternoon for stealing money from the customers, and the cash register everyday. He worked as a clothing store clerk once, but not anymore.

Allison (sobs): Mom please don’t die on me. I need you especially now that Father’s been arrested. Also who will take care of me when you’re gone? All my grandparents are dead now.

Allison’s mother (weakly): There, there now. Do not be afraid my dear little Allison Wonder. I’m sure that you will have a new home, but even if there is no family right away there will be someday. Goodbye my little darling.

(Allison’s mother draws her last breath in her huge king bed she once shared with Allison’s father. Then after that she turns as cold as stone and dies. Allison sobs right beside her dead mom near the bed. Soon she gets up, and then runs away from the inside of the homestead all the way to the open yard.)


Telling The Truth Afternoon

(The social service van drives Allison that afternoon, but because no one sits in the van she gets to sit in the front. The van continued driving on the freeway even when traffic gets bad.)

Social worker (sighs): You will never be able to live with, or see your dad ever again. The reason why not is because he got arrested just last month, and he will stay in prison.

Allison (sobs): For how long?

Social worker (sadly): Well he definitely caused huge havoc in the mall, and threatened people there. In addition to that stole money, the car, and even broke everything in sight. He did that all on purpose to support you and your mom. I’m sorry your mom died, but your dad will never get custody to you again. Also besides that you can never see him again for the rest of your life, which includes bail too. There is no bail for your dad as he was sentenced to jail for the rest of his life. Although some of the people he killed were accidental it still counts as a life-sentence without a bail.

Allison (sobs): Why are you sending me away from the Indren foster home? Why can’t I keep my horse? Also where will you take me? Is it temporary or permanent?

Social worker (sighs): The Indren Foster Home only keeps those who just lost their parents for one month. Also you cannot keep your horse because the government took everything away. They even sold all the horses, including yours because your parents didn’t pay the rent of the homestead on time. Since you have no relatives this leaves me in an extremely horrible position. Your parents left you totally penniless meaning you are poor with not even one cent to your name.

Allison (pleads): Please just tell me where you are sending me, and please tell me that it’s permanent? Please, please, please, please, with a cherry on top?

Social worker (calmly): You will permanently live in U-Land with a bunch of other foster children with Rydelle. She will take care of you, and is looking to hopefully adopt you for good. She is a vampire, but you will love her, as she is excellent with kids. She has a stable house where you will get to ride horses, work, and even do some farm and non-farm work. I know this sounds a bit arid, but you need supervision.

Allison (screams): Vampires?! Oh no! Vampires! Vampires?! Seriously?! Really?! Vampires?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!

Social worker (soothes): There, there now Allison. There is nothing to be afraid of. Rydelle knows how to control her bloodlust, and so do the other vampire foster children she takes care of. They only are supposed to drink one tiny sip of human blood with permission instead of attack once a day. A man vampire can reproduce with only a human woman. The reason why is because while men can produce hybrids of them, a woman cannot. A lot of them lie that they are elves, fairies, angels, werewolves, and hobbits, etc none of them exist at all. They just do it to deny the obvious truth to scare people less. If a vampire eats human food they won’t get sick, but it cannot sustain them without a little of blood to live. They can eat and drink people food and beverages. A lot of women who give birth to half vampire and half humans often become vampires themselves. Usually if they don’t they will die. Hybrids grow-up way faster than humans, but stop aging when they look seventeen. Their hair doesn’t grow if you cut it. If you keep it purple after the change it will stay that way. Another thing is they stay the same age they changed. None of the vampires ever get older after that physically. Unless something kills them they are immortal. P.S. so are the Raven Mockers unless they die, but are harder to kill then people.

(Soon the social worker exits the freeway then drives another two miles until they reach the place where Rydelle lives. The social worker and Rydelle shake hands near the stables.)

Social worker (sighs): Rydelle this might be a bad time for this, but Allison’s dad is in jail for life, and her mom just died one month ago. She has no penny to her name, and I hope that you will take her in permanent.

Rydelle (seriously): Thank you for your time and goodbye.

(Soon the social worker drives off right after Allison comes out of the van with her heavy bright-red suitcase. Rydelle escorts Allison on a tour going through the stables, the entire farm, the huge studio, the trails where trail-riding took place, and also everywhere in the huge mansion too.)

Rydelle (asks): I know this isn’t the home you’re used to, but what do you think?

Allison (answers): I think I’m going to like it here.

Leena (happily): That’s a good attitude to have. Oh and by the way, I’m Leena. We are so happy to finally have a human here as most of us are vampires excepting a few farmers and visitors.

Bree (loudly): I’m Bree and that’s short for Sabrina, but oh don’t call me Sabrina ever. Just call me Bree like everyone else does.

Norman (yells): I’m Norman and I hate you Allison Wonder!

Maria (cries out): What?! That’s not very polite Norman! (Maria soon turns her head towards Allison.) Oh sorry about that. I’m Maria, and this seventeen-year-old looking short woman. The one walking beside me no taller than four feet with black hair and white skin is my daughter, Ramona.

Allison (cheerfully): Pleased to meet you all.

(Before long, Edward runs down the stairs then falls down rolling all the way down the bottom.)

Edward (screams): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! (Crash!)

(Soon after Edward crashes into the open closet Rydelle runs up to him.)

Rydelle (cries out): Are you all right Edward?!

Edward (cheers): YAY! I fell right down the stairs, and crashed into the closet! Yeehaw! I’m going to do it again!

Allison (shouts): Oh no you’re not! That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my entire life!

Edward (enthusiastic): Nice to meet you Allison. My name is Edward, and last night I could not sleep at all. I had so many nightmares that I opened up some rubbing alcohol. I mixed that in my tall cup with hot chocolate, pineapple syrup, and to top it off put some red cooking wine in there too.

Allison (bellows): You’re drunk!

Rydelle (reminds): Edward was drunk last night. He is having a bit of a hangover, but he should be fine by this afternoon.

(Soon Allison gasps and gapes at Edward for putting a straw in his mouth. Then after that he takes the candle lighter right out of his pocket then lights it up like a cigarette. Edward makes himself cough like crazy for smoking a straw. Maria is very unhappy to see Edward smoking a straw. Nobody likes watching Edward do it especially not Rydelle and Allison. Soon Rydelle takes the straw right out of Edward’s hand. After that she puts out the fire with water. Then Rydelle throws it in the garbage.)

Edward (cries out): God Rydelle! This is much better for you than smoking a cigarette!

Rydelle (sharply): Don’t you ever do that again! Now give me my lighter back since you are so irresponsible with it!

(Edward reluctantly gives Rydelle’s candle lighter back to her. Then after that Edward gets so angry he throws a bunch of toys at Allison. Allison does nothing about it except to just walk away from Edward to the playroom instead of fighting. Allison closes the door to the playroom then turns on the television to watch a Western movie. After that Rydelle blocks Edward’s way then escorts him to the isolation room. Rydelle doesn’t lock the door, but instead has him sit down alone.)

The Curse Is Revealed

(Allison sees what is happening to all the vampires including, Bree, Norman, Ramona, Maria, Leena, Edward, Rydelle, and even her “family” she once had now gone. Allison knows that becoming a vampire will make her a part of the curse too.)

Rydelle (asks): Allison what’s wrong? Why have you refused Edward’s plea to change you?

Allison (answers): Laurel and Merlin chose to remain human. Right now they are living wonderful lives together. Also if I change I won’t be able to have a husband, and four children. Rydelle please understand this, and let me go.

Rydelle (sighs): You wish to stay a human just so you can marry and have four kids of your own?

Allison (sobs): Yes Rydelle I do. Now I know how we can break the curse. However, it will require that we change the giant-vampires back into the more human-sized ones, as that is also our curse. You are part of the curse too.

Rydelle (weeps): Will I have to die with all the other vampires to break this curse?

Allison (softly): Oh no. It won’t kill you at all, but you have to accept mortality to break the curse. Also the Raven Mockers took no part of it as they live as part mortals, so it doesn’t affect them. It doesn’t affect you, but if you are right. Staying a human will prevent you from becoming a part of the curse. I am the only one who can help you out of this.

Rydelle (seriously): I will make you a deal Allison. You help us break the curse, and then after that you may go. That is if you let me make this place into a school for vampires of tomorrow. Do you know what new ones are called? Fledglings.

Allison (sadly): This curse happened one hundred years ago by an evil immortal named Neferet, but the spell can be broken.

(Soon Allison leads Rydelle, and all of the vampires, including the ones Rydelle never saw anymore all the way to the yard. There on an open field was where Rydelle had Allison stand in the middle spinning around nonstop. The drought that had turned into rain soon turned into snow real snow.)

Allison (loudly): Rompa la maldición malvada de la inmortalidad para poner mortalidad detrás en nosotros los vampiros pobres. Mientras que somos en ella cambio los gigante-vampiros nuevamente dentro de los vampiros humano-clasificados normales que expulsan la maldición terrible para siempre.

(Subtitled: Break the evil curse of immortality to put mortality back on us poor vampires. While we are at it change the giant-vampires back into normal human-sized vampires expelling the terrible curse for good.)

(Soon the curse instantly breaks with all the giant vampires now becoming more human-sized vampires. In addition to that all of them get the adult vampire-markings. The adult vampire-markings of all the colors of the rainbow. Also they loose their immortality making them mortal.)

Allison (warns): You all will stay looking twenty-something for the rest of your lives, but that does not make you immortal. Instead if none of you are careful you all will die. You in addition to the fledglings can all eat human food and beverages. However; it is the adult ones that will need small quantities of human blood from a tube, but never kill for it. The fledglings won’t need any until they get older. Any bodily rejection to the changes shall kill them rather than complete. I am sorry that I have to leave you now, but I shall miss all of you, and goodbye. You will make an excellent principal Rydelle.

(Soon Allison hugs all of her family members, including Rydelle. It will be many years before she sees any of them again.)

As The Years Go By

(Allison marries an extremely poor farmer

named Drew Grady. There in the place of Partain she has three boys with the eldest one being already a young adult. She is currently in bed holding her newborn daughter.)

Allison (whispers): Stevie Rae Grady. That’s what I call her.

Drew (happy): Good choice Allison. I love that name for her too.

Allison (asks): Will Michael get accepted to Brenevila University?

Drew (answers): He already did. Last year Larry just graduated from there, and is now working as a hotel receptionist in U-Land. As for our eldest son, Ark well he dropped out of Brenevila University two years ago. Now he is currently a ringmaster in a nomadic circus, and will not leave it. Not even to see us, so therefore we will have to accept him for this.

Allison (questions): Well Larry became a hotel receptionist in U-Land, and Ark joined the nomadic circus starting out as an acrobat, but is now a ringmaster. Now the question is what is Larry studying to be at Brenevila University in Brenevila City? A farmer Drew?

Drew (sighs): Nope he is studying to be a psychologist meaning after he graduates shall get his PHD to become one. Now isn’t that great? Finally Larry is going to make us all rich.

Allison (worried): I’m scared for Stevie Rae because unlike all of our sons she will want to learn how to ride when she gets older. Yes, it’s true we live in a countryside cabin, but you being a farmer is not going to get her a horse.

Drew (reprehends): Don’t worry about it Allison. There is always a boarding school we could send her to learn how to ride.

Allison (sobs): But we cannot afford it Drew. Not unless you let me get a job as horse-trainer, and take Equestrian Studies at Brenevila University. Besides you too could go to college too.

Drew (shouts): And abandon Stevie Rae?! Absolutely not! You will not go to college, nor will you ever be a horse-trainer! Besides you never worked a day in your entire life! The only job you ever had was farming for money with a vampire Rydelle as your boss!

Allison (argues): That is so not true! After I ran away from them I worked as a trail-guide! Then after you made me pregnant before I ever turned sixteen I married you! Why?! Because I didn’t want to raise Ark all by myself! That’s why not! Now he is twenty-four years old, Michael has turned twenty-one just yesterday, and Larry is now eighteen! That means Larry can vote now for real! Then at thirty-nine I now have Stevie-Rae, and I hope this will be our last child!

Drew (surprised): I don’t remember you ever being a trail-guide because after we dated one time we made love. Then after you got pregnant had to quit then never worked again. You haven’t worked since you were fifteen depending on me for money, so that you could stay home to raise the family. I sure your hair being purple. Why did you change it back to burgundy after you married me?

Allison (sighs): Because I only dyed it once before Mom died and Dad got arrested as an experiment. Turned out I hated it, and it made my white skin appear too “scary-looking.” That is why after I grew it out, cut it back to chin-length. It was no use though because it wouldn’t go away on its own. That is why I had to have a hairdresser repigment it back to that. I haven’t dyed it ever since. Well don’t have to yet anyway.

(While Allison’s baby daughter, Stevie Rae remains in her arms she and Drew kiss each other. Although they argue quite a bit that did not mean that they would fall out of love. Soon after the baby Stevie Rae starts to bawl, Allison breastfeeds her.)

Drew (asks): Why are you not smiling Allison?

Allison (sadly): Ark has secretly married a tattooed circus lady named Ginny, and I’m angry with him for not telling us first Drew.

Drew (comforts): As long as she’s not pregnant all should go well. After all we won’t want Stevie Rae to make the same mistake you did, and get pregnant at fifteen too.

Allison (weeps): I hope not too! It ruined my entire life! (Baby Stevie Rae stops crying after Drew leaves to go to work.) When Stevie Rae gets older she will ride a horse living a much better life than I ever will. Then after that she will be happy. Also the best horsewoman to someday own a ranch too.

(Then five years later Stevie Rae plays on the seesaw with an African-American boy no more than two years older than her. Allison supervises Stevie Rae the entire time she plays on the seesaw, slide, swing, and even the merry-go-round too. When Stevie Rae turns nine she outgrows the merry-go-round, and before Drew goes to work she tries to stand-up for herself.)

Stevie Rae (questions): I had gone on the pony ride from age four all the way to age seven, but had outgrown it. The workers at the place say I’m too big for this attraction now.

Drew (groans): Okay now Stevie Rae out with it before I have to work.

Stevie Rae (calmly): I want to learn how to ride a horse. Maybe even do it at a trail-riding place where no experience is required rather than lessons since lessons are expensive.

Drew (seriously): We are barely getting by as it is, so the answer to you riding a horse is no because we can’t afford it. We cannot afford riding lessons or trail rides, so until you get a job and make your own money there will be no horseback riding for you.

Stevie Rae (screams): I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!

(Stevie Rae grabs her lunchbox and then runs out of the house sobbing as she gets on the school bus. Allison soon shows-up, and then after that Drew stands-up when she blocks his way.)

Allison (shouts): How can you stand to remain poor, and rather than try to figure how to get Stevie Rae to ride you deny it! Well guess what Drew Grady?! She will grow-up wishing you got a different job to get this for her! After all, it is a sharing community not a democratic corrupted capitalist community! Yes, it does exists, but not in Brenevila! Here we are supposed to share, and you sure caused her to hate you!

Drew (yells): You naughty lady Allison! You are not getting a job just so she can ride! Sorry, but this just isn’t happening!

(Allison tries to save her marriage with Drew for five more years. One day after Stevie Rae’s fourteenth birthday while she was at school Allison is unable to stay with Drew. Because their marriage gets worse instead of better, they divorce. With the divorce comes Allison going back to work, and no trail-riding place hires her at all after five attempts at it. Instead Allison becomes a public librarian at a city called Weird Planet, Brenevila. That job is the only way she can keep her custody for Stevie Rae to get her away from Drew. Allison often has to work the entire time the library is open. Because of that, Stevie Rae has to ride a bike to school everyday. She also has to ride a bike home everyday. For the next two years Stevie Rae does that as she continues attending Weird Planet High. At sixteen Stevie Rae encounters one of her older brothers, Larry. He surprises Stevie Rae with a pick-up truck right after passing a driver’s test on her sixteenth birthday.)

Larry (cheerfully): So what do you think Stevie Rae?

Stevie Rae (excitedly): Oh Larry a two-door pick-up truck? You really did not have to do this for me. How did that happen?

Larry (happy): Well when I told Mom that she wasn’t going to get you a car I told her that you would need one after your birthday. Well you passed the driving, got your driver’s license, and thought that it could take you to school. Someday it shall take you to the riding stables to finally learn how to ride.

Stevie Rae (asks): How are Michael and Ark doing?

Larry (sighs): Well Ark and Ginny are doing great, but like me they have no children since the circus is a more a priority for them. I am a psychologist and have no desire to ever have kids since I hate them.

Stevie Rae (puzzled): But you didn’t mention Michael, so what happened to him?

Larry (sobs): He died on your birthday.

Stevie Rae (cries out): What?!

Larry (sobs): Michael had been a receptionist after his graduation, but then one month ago he quit his job. Then Michael became so depressed he stopped thinking straight. Michael never married or had any children while he lived. He shut himself in his own house for one month. After that he got evicted.

Stevie Rae (begs): Don’t tell me anymore!

Larry (quietly): Thinking he was Superman because he lost his mind, and let his depression ruin his life stood on the train tracks. After standing on them for thirty seconds a train came extremely fast. Michael does not move out of the way, and instead tried to push the locomotive away from him. Obviously that didn’t because the locomotive ran him over, and it killed him.

Stevie Rae (astonished): Suicide?! Larry that is the dumbest most disturbing suicidal story I have ever heard in my life!

Larry (weeps): It’s true. Dad knows about it and so does Mom, but because you don’t until now I had to tell you about it.

Stevie Rae (screams): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Weeps)

(Soon Larry gets into his Mercedes Benz car, and then drives away. After that Allison runs outside to where Stevie Rae stands crying next to her new pick-up truck.)

Allison (quietly): I know this is a sad time for all of us, but you definitely will need the keys if you are going to drive to school. Stop crying, or else you won’t be able to drive yourself to school at all today. (Allison hands Stevie Rae the keys to her new pick-up and the house key too. After that Stevie Rae with the keys in her hand hugs Allison who hugs her back.) I saved up enough money, so we can trail-ride this weekend. Just you and I Stevie Rae. I will teach you to ride, and that promise to you I can keep since your dad denied you it. Stevie Rae stops crying, and then after that gets herself inside her new pick-up truck.)

Stevie Rae (cheerfully): Thank you Mom. You just made me feel better. Now would you still love me if I was a vampire?

Allison (excitedly): Why, of course I would Stevie Rae. No matter what happens to you, or where our lives turn I love you. I have always loved you Stevie Rae. I’m glad you were born last as your future will be the brightest of the bunch.

(Without saying another word, Allison watches Stevie Rae start the pick-up truck as she drives it to school for the first time ever. After Stevie Rae gets to the school she gets out of the car, grabs her backpack, and then locks it. As the bells rings she immediately heads inside the school building with a smile on her face. Rydelle soon shows-up watching Stevie Rae go inside the building, and then after that starts smiling herself.)

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