In "La-La Land" Rydelle changes in the very beginning from a human into a vampire. She used to date Rory Whirlwind until she got pregnant then he took her daughter, Valora away from her, but soon got Valora back for good. She raises Valora alongside her giant husband, Kinger.


In "La-La Land Sarah gets changed into a vampire by Rydelle, and later marries Giant after falling in love with him at first sight.


One of Rydelle's foster vampire who enjoys being away from others a lot.


Leena though she was a bit psychotic, delusional, and a bit deranged managed to turn that around without the need of a mental institution or group home.


Was changed into a vampire by Rydelle, but he did have a serious problem with pretend drugs and doing dangerous and stupid stuff too. He prefered to constantly jeopardize his life over living it the "right way" though Rydelle would not let him get away with it at all once he got caught if he did get caught.



In "La-La Land" Kinger stands by a tree where he sees Rydelle dancing then after falling in love with her at first sight marries her. At first he gets surprised to find out Rydelle was adopted, she has a younger sister named Sarah, and that she has a daughter who is half vampire half half human named Valora.


In "La-La Land Giant who is the tallest one of all at exactly nine feet zero inches tall falls for Sarah at first sight then they get married.



In "La-La Land" Valora who was born to a vampire dad, Rory Whirlwind and a former human now changed to vampire named Rydelle got taken away from Rydelle after birth. Then one year later she grows-up extremely fast, but is still loved by Kinger and Rydelle together.


Legolas did not admit that he too was a half-blood until Valora got out of the hospital, and Clonk finally left home all by himself.



Allison got adopted by Rydelle, but then after she breaks the curse chooses to remain human and has four children with with a cowboy named Drew.

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