The movie-script is now available. Enjoy!

= = = LA-LA LAND = == Movie-Script One ==

By Jessie L. Cohn

Painful Transformation

(At four o’clock in the morning, Rydelle was sleeping on a rug on the grass outside. She has no blanket wrapped around her, tennis shoes are on her feet, and she sleeps with her clothes on. Rydelle notices nothing as deep asleep alone in the forest as she is. All of a sudden, a male vampire shows-up. He looks at her with glaring eyes totally not human. Then after that the male vampire bites her neck then runs away.)

Rydelle (writhes in agony): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!

(Rydelle goes through the most painful transformation of all. She changes extremely quickly from human to vampire when the last she wanted was to become a vampire. Rydelle tries extremely hard to get herself to stand-up. It is useless because too much pain doesn’t even let her sit down. Rydelle is not very happy that she can’t move at all without feeling pain.)

Rydelle (screams and writhes): Help me! I can’t move!

(Soon the vampire couple, Victoria and Laurent show-up on foot. Then they get close to Rydelle who is feeling nothing, but excruciating pain.)

Victoria (crying): She looks like she’s in total pain. Do you have any idea who did this to her?

Laurent (sigh): I don’t know because I wasn’t there when it happened, and neither were you.

Victoria (cries out): Well what should we do Laurent? She can’t stand-up let alone sit down just yet.

Laurent (seriously): Take her to our place. We have a big family there that could help her learn to control bloodlust. I will carry her, but you must help me put her to bed.

(Laurent grunts as he picks-up Rydelle who feels so much pain she has no idea that he and Victoria were taking her to their place. As confused as Rydelle is feeling she doesn’t even notice Laurent setting her in bed that Victoria tucks her in. The pain because it is too much for Rydelle doesn’t kill her. Instead she falls asleep, but not without collapsing in her bed with her eyes now closed.)

Totally Lost and Confused

(Rydelle walks over to the public zoo area with Victoria, Laurent, and a few others of the Rodatey family all the way to the alligator section.)

Rydelle (puzzled): What are your names?

Laurent (politely): I’m Laurent, and this woman with strawberry-blond hair that I’m with is my soul mate, Victoria.

Victoria (cheerfully): I’m Victoria, and these are our others adopted here into this family.

Leeman (crying): I’m Leeman, and boy do my dreadlocks look terrible! Worse than Laurent’s!

Vernon (shouts): Hey yours are fine Leeman! Just shorter! That’s all! I’m Vernon, and all of us here are the Rodateys just to let you know!

(Soon Leeman’s soul mate, Annette, showed-up with Vernon’s soul mate, Sky. Rydelle was so surprised to see how big her new coven really was.)

Annette (cheerfully): I’m Annette, and I’m Leeman’s soul mate.

Sky (squeals): I’m Sky, and I am Vernon’s soul mate.

Victoria (excitedly): Welcome to our Rodatey coven, Rydelle. You are now one of us, and there’s more too.

(Soon a few more vampires Rydelle do not meet yet, but they all stand close to Rydelle. They one by one silently to her shake her hand, and as a sign of respect in the vampire world.)

Otis (scoffs): I’m Otis, and I think you are the most beautiful woman I ever met in my entire life.

Riley (groan): I’m Riley, and I cannot believe you are the one they picked for me. I don’t like you at all Rydelle.

Demetri (rudely): I am Demetri, and hands-off because I already have a soul mate.

Jane (shouts): I am Jane, and I am Demetri’s soul mate.

Rydelle (impatiently): May I tell them my name yet?

Laurent (sigh): No, not yet. Still got four more to meet.

Nick (goofy attitude): My name is Nick, and from the moment I told Carlen that a new vampire was coming that here you are. Rydelle has finally come to hopefully choose Riley as her soul mate.

Carlen (politely): I’m Carlen, and I’m Nick’s soul mate. Oh dear it sure looks everyone gave-up on trying a soul mate for Otis, but still thinks there’s a chance for Riley. Oh well. I hope Otis finds one before Riley does, but do not repeat this to the public. It is after all, our coven secret.

(It wasn’t before Rydelle gaped at the sight of two more vampires looking a bit older than the rest of them. Luckily, neither has grey hair, but unfortunately looks older than she thinks they do. Seeing the man totally dressed in designer clothing shocked Riley big time. That isn’t as a bad as she sees the woman holding hands with him was wears a black all-leather suit from top to bottom with long black hair.)

Teodora (seriously): My name is Teodora Rodatey, and I am the leader of this entire coven you now are family too. I hope that you will learn to control bloodlust. Also do not – I repeat do not ever ride a horse on the street. Always ride them either in the woods, or in the open country, but never by yourself. To get to places on the street always drive a car, and under no circumstances take a cab. Subways and busses are fine, but no trolleys since that’s where humans riot against vampires the most.

Brick (loudly): My name is Brick, and I am not only Teodora’s soul mate, but also her husband. That was ever since she got shot when she worked as a cop fifty years ago. Then when she nearly died of a bullet wound knew that I didn’t want to lose her. To save her life, I bit her neck remembering to control my bloodlust to save her life. We were married ever since.

Rydelle (yells): I am Rydelle, and although I was sound asleep I think that I know who changed me! I think that – Otis did it!

(Everyone gasps and gapes at Rydelle being totally shocked she can guess that.)

Otis (truthfully): I did it! I changed Rydelle into a vampire while she was sleeping, and I controlled my bloodlust by running away from her after that. Either that or I killed her.

(Rydelle gives no reply to Otis’s honesty. Instead she climbs over the fence to where the alligator is standing. Then after that bites into the alligator’s neck. Not yet knowing how to control her bloodlust gets so thirsty drinks all of its blood. Her new coven feels disgust with Rydelle killing it that way. The onlookers at the zoo watching that exhibit feels disgust too.)

Teodora (astonished): Was that really necessary Rydelle?

Rydelle (sobs): I’m so sorry Teodora, but you see that I am just a new vampire. I don’t yet know bloodlust, so when I smelled alligator blood after too many introductions happened couldn’t wait anymore. I got so thirsty that although I didn’t mean to kill the alligator I drank all of its blood.

Jane (angrily): You don’t attack people or animals especially alligators from public zoo exhibits for blood! That’s grotesque! Next time ask a person before doing it! Never bite anyone’s neck who doesn’t want to be changed! Instead use a tube!

Brick (furiously): You took way too much blood Rydelle! All vampires need is a small quantity of it a day! Other than that control your thirst! Otis will teach you that starting tomorrow!

Demetri (curious): What now Teodora?

Teodora (stunned): We are going home now! Rydelle grab a car, and drive yourself! We are all too disgusted to drive you now!

(Soon Teodora led her huge coven out of the zoo then avoid getting into trouble every drove themselves all the way back home. Home to the countryside near the forest where a huge house of five stories tall, stables with over twenty horses to ride, the tack room inside it, and a bunch of open space too. Open space either for riding, a game of baseball, dancing, and even the forest to explore, or just cool down on a hot summer day.)

Rydelle (curious): May I go swimming?

Brick (angrily): Not today, but tomorrow you can.

(Rydelle followed the entire family inside their huge house slowly. Although Rydelle didn’t know her new place yet she definitely gone into every room before taking her afternoon nap.)

Flipped Out

(Otis watches Rydelle drinking blood right out of a tube she banded around a human donor. She stops after she takes only one small sip of it, which makes Otis, smile dancing on the grass out of joy.)

Rydelle (curious): Whose blood did I just drink?

Otis (sternly): Since this donor was a one-shot deal you mustn’t ask him his name. Besides you didn’t attack or kill him accidentally just because you were thirsty. Instead you took only one sip, and for that we are to become soul mates.

Rydelle (shocked): When?

Otis (honestly): Today. We are together now; so do not ever kiss any man beside me. Never embrace or make out with any man beside me. Also never ever have sex with anyone who isn’t me.

Rydelle (sobs quietly): I saw not only Riley kissing his soul mate, Taffy in their bedroom closet, but I also saw you having sex in your bedroom with your own soul mate, Keri. I would say yes if you weren’t already taken, and if Teodora didn’t lie to me that neither of have soul mates when really you both do.

(Soon Rydelle saw Riley making-out with Taffy while seeing Otis kissing and hugging Keri totally making her angry.)

Keri (astonished): Did Otis just ask you to be his soul mate?

Rydelle (sobs): Yes he did, but I said no because I don’t want him cheating on you for me.

Taffy (sneers): Nobody loves you Rydelle, and no one ever will.

Riley (rudely): Even Teodora and Brick think you are nothing, but trouble!

Otis (seriously): Taffy what should we do about Rydelle?

Taffy (sigh): I don’t know. I hate decisions.

Keri (harshly): Rydelle I have some extremely bad news! There has been an order from Teodora and Brick that you leave this place today never to return! Failure to be packed and ready by one hour according to Jane, and they will throw you tomorrow! Better to leave this place quietly than be thrown-out by them tomorrow!

(Soon Rydelle runs inside the house all the way to her room to pack all of her belongings she would need to survive. Then after that Rydelle walks down the stairs when suddenly Teodora blocks her way.)

Teodora (angrily): Who told you that you had to leave this place or Brick and I would throw you out?

Keri (weeps): I did because Jane told me to.

Jane (sadly): I did it because we don’t want her here. No one does.

Brick (sobs): No Rydelle please do not go. Stay with us. We all love you.

Rydelle (sobs): I am leaving today because although this coven has somewhat been nice to me I cannot stay here anymore. I’m sorry, and goodbye.

(Soon Rydelle leaves the five-story house walking all the way to sidewalk. When she gets to the sidewalk she grabs a random car key. Then she tests it on many random cars until she is able to unlock a four-door car. Rydelle gets into the driver’s seat of the car and starts it. Then Rydelle puts the car in the gear of drive, and drives it away. Rydelle gets completely mixed-up while driving a car. Soon she breaks the speeding law drives eighty miles an hour in the city. Being confused and lost, Rydelle thinks the red light means go. Rydelle actually drives through the red light. Thinking the yellow light meant slow-down actually does it. Rydelle soon sees a green light thinking it means stop. Rydelle actually stops the car in the green light. Suddenly when Rydelle actually runs the red light. Then another car crashes into the car Rydelle is driving while she is in it. The airbag goes off, and the car rolls over.)

Rydelle (screams): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! (The car crashes into Rydelle’s car again. The car slides upside down into the screen door of a pawnshop that causes serious damage. An angry man gets out of his car then after that Rydelle gets out of it too.)

Angry Car Man (furiously): You idiot! I was supposed to go because the light was green, but you instead of stopping at the red light drove way too fast!

Rydelle (shouts): That’s because you were supposed to stop at the green light, slow down on yellow, and go at the red light! That is why I drove when the light was red!

Angry Car Man (roars): Well getting the rules all mixed-up, and breaking the speeding law definitely makes you a moron! It is all your fault that you seriously damaged my car! Therefore, I damaged yours back meaning you should not be driving!

Rydelle (screams): I knew the rules until almost a month ago when a vampire named Otis Rodatey changed me into one! It totally confused me to a point to where he needed to teach me to control my bloodlust! That was after accidentally killing an alligator at the zoo exhibit drinking its blood! I definitely cried afterwards! Therefore, I am still trying to remember things I lost memory of after I became a vampire! That’s why I am confused! I am a vampire! I broke-up with him after finding out he already had a soul mate named Keri!

Angry Car Man (yells): I will kill you for wrecking my car!

(Soon the angry car man lifts up a pitchfork scaring Rydelle big time. He unsuccessfully tries to attack her when suddenly a police officer shows up. Then after that the police officer lets Rydelle go, but because the angry car man tried to attack her got handcuffed. Rydelle walked away having no interest in watching the angry car get arrested since he was a one-shot deal. Rydelle picks-up her heavy suitcase from the totaled car. After that she wheels it hoping that she can find a place to rest for just one night before further traveling tomorrow. Seeing that all hotels had no vacancy ended-up sleeping in a mythology museum in between two huge statues instead.)

=== Bad Vampires === (One attractive female vampire leads two male vampires all the way up the stairs of the outside balcony. There after the two male vampires look at the telescope, so the vampire leader does it too.)

Larry (complains): I smell blood. The wrong kind of blood.

Starr (whines): Just a bunch of stupid Raven Mockers being led by Rephaim. I heard other vampires say he’s a murderer.

Larry (curious): You think Rephaim is a murderer? All the Raven Mockers will kill us all?

Dorana (seriously): Let me ask him you moron. (Soon she sees Rephaim about to fly away Dorana looks square into his red eyes.) Dorana (shouts): Rephaim you Raven Mocker! Are you here to kill us all, or are you here to help us?! Answer me now!

Rephaim (yells): I am here with my three followers of my own kind to help you on your behalf to kill the new vampire.

Dorana (orders): Kill Rydelle before she matures, and then after that all of us shall have our victory.

(Soon after that Rephaim offers Dorana to ride on his back, and she immediately jumps on. That was while Larry jumps on one follower while Starr jumped on another. After that one of the Raven Mockers followers leading the others in the sky. Dorana laughs wickedly along with all the other Raven Mockers, and two of her vampire accomplices.)

Getter (loudly): I see Rydelle on the outside balcony of the hotel room all by herself!

Starr (puzzled): Seriously?

Jowhoa (sadly): Getter never jokes, and neither do I. Isn’t that right, Parwow?

Parwow (wickedly): Afraid so. Rydelle has been alone since she left the Rodatey Coven. That was after only one month of staying with them.

(Soon after the Raven Mockers all land on the balcony all three vampires dismount them gently. After that Dorana walks away hoping that Rephaim will kill Rydelle. Rydelle back away from Rephaim who soon pounces on her. Rephaim acts like an unfriendly dog trying to kill her maliciously. Then after biting her arm with his beak once Rydelle got horrified.)


(Soon Rephaim backs away from her completely while Rydelle quickly gets herself up from the ground.)

Rephaim (sobs): I can’t do it Rydelle. I just can’t kill you at all. Tell Dorana that, and she will kill me for being a traitor.

Rydelle (bellows): You tried to kill me Rephaim?!

Rephaim (sobs): Yes I did, but then when I saw how beautiful you were after biting your arm I just couldn’t do it.

Rydelle (panics): Dorana and all the others, including Larry and Starr! They are going to kill me! What should I do?! I don’t have a Coven right now, nor do I have a place to live!

Rephaim (suggests): Dorana and her gang are about to show-up right now to threaten to kill me too. Jump on my back, and I will fly you to the vampire refugee place! You will get protection there until either you find or start your own Coven!

Rydelle (weeps): No Coven Rephaim. I didn’t like how the Rodateys treated me though they appeared nice at first. I want to start my own Coven. One where gossiping is not something you get away with easily, and giants are permitted.

Rephaim (questions): Giants as in –?

Rydelle (seriously): Those who tower everything like in the fairy tales? Then no, but if you mean the really tall ones with the tallest one of the vampires being nine feet then yes. I already thought of a new last name for my Coven. All of them have last names you know.

Rephaim (sighs): So did you know that nobody forming a Coven ever chosen the last name of Messer?

Rydelle (calmly): They don’t have to. I will do that, and after defeating Dorana along with her accomplices shall do it. I shall make this, and I myself will be the new leader of all of them.

(Soon Rydelle jumps on Rephaim’s back, and then after that he flies away carrying her in the black sky. Rydelle grips onto his thick neck. Despite the fact that Rephaim is disfigured like all Raven Mockers are Rydelle soon becomes Rephaim’s close friend. He flies her all the way to the white tower house where the woman wearing an all white fancy dress and a gold crown shows-up.)

Rephaim (hollers): Mirana? Is that you?

Mirana (giggles): Oh yes Rephaim. It is I, and now who is this? Another vampire? Oh good. Let her be our guest of honor.

Rydelle (politely): Nice to meet you Mirana. My name is Rydelle, and have no Coven right now meaning I’m currently free.

Mirana (offers): My Coven name is Imperial, and I heard that the Borio Coven Dorana runs is trying to kill you. Since you plan on having one someday, join mine until you’re safe again.

Rydelle (pleasantly): I accept if Rephaim joins us too. He’s also a free refugee.

Rephaim (begs): Please Mirana? We are close friends now, and I saved her life.

Mirana (cheerfully): Welcome to the Imperial Coven Rephaim and Rydelle. Henceforth, as long as you stay with me Imperial will be your last name meaning you’re now part of our family.

Rydelle (softly): I can’t Mirana. You are an extremely nice person and all, but no matter what Coven I join Dorana will try to kill me.

Mirana (whispers in Rydelle’s ear): I promise you it will only be temporary until you can complete this mission. Rephaim; however, wants to stay here permanent hoping you will too.

(Soon Mirana led Rydelle and Rephaim into the white tower house. After that Mirana left Rydelle and Rydelle by closing the door to the Imperial bedroom, so they could talk privately.)

Rephaim (disgusted): You are only staying here temporarily?

Rydelle (sigh): Rephaim I cannot stay here permanent no matter how much you want me to. You are a great friend and all, but you don’t want to marry me. You don’t want a vampire wife. Also I’m not dating you because you’re a Raven Mocker.

Rephaim (feeling hurt): That’s hurtful Rydelle! Yes, it is fine if you don’t want to go out with me or marry me. To say that you won’t do it, or stay because I’m a Raven Mocker is a terrible thing to say! Besides how would you feel if I said I won’t be your friend just because you’re a vampire?

Rydelle (weeps): Not very good. My feelings would be just as hurt as yours are now. I’m sorry that I said that to you.

(Soon Rephaim and Rydelle hugged each other. After that Rydelle collapsed on the ground.)


(To make things even more frightening Rydelle soon opened her eyes only to find out that Dorana was there. Dorana misused her vampire gift of using electricity against Rydelle.)


Mirana (laughs wickedly): Wa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I knew you would come here! Now that you came here Rydelle you will die!

Rephaim (cries out): What –?! I thought you were part of the Imperial Coven against the Borio Coven! How could you do this to us?! Trick us both just like that!

Dorana (loudly): She isn’t part of the good Imperial Coven because she never was, and you guys never saw it, never will! I am the leader, but she dresses like a queen! Poses as one to get you both into our trap of the giant spider’s nest!

(Rydelle sees the giant spider getting way too close to her.)

Rydelle (screams): Oh no! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!

Mirana (orders): Kind big spider kill Rydelle and Rephaim then eat them after squashing them to death!

(The giant spider then tries to follow Mirana’s orders, but is unsuccessful. That is because after Rydelle quickly jumps on Rephaim’s back he flies her away into the black sky. Soon Dorana gets angry at seeing Rephaim fly away with Rydelle on his back.)

Dorana (angrily): How could you let that happen Mirana?

Mirana (sobs): It was an accident. This wasn’t supposed to happen that way.

Dorana (harshly): Is that all you can answer from me?

Mirana (sobs): Yes.

Dorana (yells): Off with her head, and burn her in the bonfire too!

(Soon Starr, Larry, Getter, Jowhoa, and Parwow started a bonfire. After that Dorana using her superhuman strength twists off Mirana’s head making her unable to scream. Then after that all her accomplices throws both her head and her body into the bonfire. There Mirana gets burned to death, and instead of sobbing Dorana laughs with all her accomplices.)

Love At The First Sight

(Rydelle dances outside at a ghetto by herself listening to hip-hop music along with all the other vandals and criminals out there. Although Rydelle felt thirsty so suddenly she remembered how Otis used to tell her never to attack for blood. Instead she would ask a human, but if that human said no she would move on then ask another until she got it. Rydelle keeps on dancing not once thinking about the blood until suddenly she freezes. She sees just five feet away from the skyscrapers covered by graffiti by the trees a tall man. Rydelle sees an extremely tall man just standing right next to the tree who stares at her back. That is when Rydelle realizes that she falls in love with him. Rydelle leaves the skateboard section where the dancing takes place. Rydelle cautiously, and slowly approaches the man standing next to a tree.)

Rydelle (hollers): Hello my name is Rydelle. What’s your name?

Kinger (loudly): My name is Kinger, and I am a vampire – giant.

Rydelle (shocked): You certainly are way taller than most of the men I ever met in my entire life human or vampire.

Kinger (curious): I saw you dancing all by yourself on the skateboard park in an unsafe ghetto area. Don’t ever do that again Rydelle. It’s not safe especially not for pretty women like you, and especially not with vandals and criminals.

Rydelle (sigh): I don’t like being told what to do by anyone especially my mom and dad who I never see anymore.

Kinger (softly): Tell me.

Rydelle (sobs): My mom and dad were going to the Brenevila University in the city after telling them I wasn’t interested in college at all. They listened to me for only one minute, but then told me if I didn’t go they would stop giving me money. This happened after I graduated from Brenevila High I packed my suitcase, and then after that started the keys to my car. Then I drove away from my parents’ place in the suburbs outside of La-La Land all the way to the countryside. It was near the forest, and after a long day of driving fell asleep. I fell asleep on the grass with a blanket over me.

Kinger (curious): Then what happened after that? Tell me.

Rydelle (sadly): Then at four o’clock in the morning got woken up by Otis biting my neck, which was so not what I wanted. I hoped to be a normal human woman living a normal human life. Even one time thought about getting married, and having a baby; however, it cannot happen now because I’m a vampire. I did not choose to become like this. It just happened. For one month I lived with the Rodatey Coven. Well they seemed very nice at first until I hear that Riley and Otis want to cheat on their soul mates for me.

Kinger (astonished): What the –?!

Rydelle (weeps): It was awful especially after I fell for Otis. That was after he taught me how to control my bloodlust. It happened after I accidentally killed an alligator by drinking all of its blood because I was thirsty. The rest of the Rodatey Coven, and all the other onlookers gasped in disgust after that. Well this was nothing compared to after I left the Rodatey Coven hoping to start my own. Slept one night in the museum since no hotels were available in between two statues. Then another night when I was staying at a hotel something terrible happened. Dorana and all of the Borio Coven, including four Raven Mockers tried to kill me. Dorana asked Rephaim to do it, but after biting me with his beak stopped. He couldn’t do it, and instead helped me find a place to stay.

Kinger (stunned): Rephaim the Raven Mocker who helped was originally supposed to kill you because Dorana asked him to? Oh wow! That is terrible!

Rydelle (continues): Then Rephaim carried me on his back flying me all the way to the white tower house. There I saw Mirana who I thought was a nice queen. It definitely wasn’t so because she ordered a giant spider to try and kill me. Also Dorana tried to kill me by using electricity, but was unsuccessful. After that Rephaim knowing this place was a trap carried me on his back in the air again flying me away to safety. After that Dorana who was originally going to kill me got extremely angry at Mirana for letting us escape.

Kinger (sigh): And?

Rydelle (crying in floods of tears): Then after Dorana shouted off with her head to the rest of the Borio Coven did it. Her accomplices started a bonfire just outside the corridor. Then Dorana ripped off Mirana’s head before she could scream. Then after that burned her body and her head in the bonfire.

Kinger (wails): Oh my gosh! That is awful! Just awful! Mirana didn’t even deserve to be beheaded! What an awful story!

Rydelle (weeps): Yes it was awful because it was true. I saw it happen, but even barely it is still terrible. Now Dorana is going to kill me, and no matter where I live, what Coven I’m at – I will always be in danger. I will never be safe ever again. Not unless I kill her before she kills me.

(Soon Rydelle and Kinger hug and kiss each other for the first time ever. After that Rydelle sees Kinger unhitching two huge tacked-up horses from the tree bigger than any she has ever seen before.)

Kinger (softly): If you will have me I will let you be the leader of our new Coven by the name no one ever used before called the Messer Coven. We will welcome giant vampires into it, and even some refugees who aren’t or are no longer in one. Now what do you think of having tons of giants in our family?

Rydelle (triumphantly): I don’t mind as long as I’m the leader, and we sleep on the same bed together. Also as I am now your wife you are now my husband making us two the Messers.

Kinger (sigh): I know those horses are huge, and more suitable for us tall giants than average vampires, but they are faster. We have the horses they don’t, which we call the Runners. Now I have brought you the black one.

(Soon Kinger lifts Rydelle onto a huge black horse.)

Kinger (grunt): Up you go.

(Rydelle swings her leg over after that. Then Kinger mounts on his brown horse soon galloping right alongside Rydelle. Although Rydelle cannot reach the stirrups of the black horse at all she still manages to ride it fast no problem. Knowing that Kinger too is now in danger because Rydelle is chooses to stay together. They gallop their horses all the way from the danger ghetto place all the way to the rural countryside.)

Rydelle (curious): Who lives at the huge yellow house?

Kinger (honestly): I do, but now because we are married you will two, and so will the rest of our Messer Coven. Our family will be the biggest one of all. Bigger than the small Imperial Coven you never got to know, and even bigger than the Rodatey and Rainbow Coven combined.

Rydelle (questions): The Rodatey Coven was bigger than most of them I heard about. The Imperial Coven I heard is so stuck-up and cliquish they only let new vampires who are rich in it. The Rainbow Coven is smaller than the biggest one currently being the Rodatey one I ran away minus four vampires. Is that true Kinger?

Kinger (truthfully): Indeed it is. You might not be a giant vampire, but you definitely are beautiful the way you are. Much nicer than Dorana and the evil Borio Coven.

Rydelle (curious): How tall is the tallest giant?

Kinger (honestly): Nine feet tall. I’m only seven feet eight inches, and I ride high because I have to.

(Kinger and Rydelle keep on galloping their horses until they get to the huge yellow house. There they put the huge stable horses away with over one hundred over ones in the pasture. After that Rydelle and Kinger walk side by side all the way to the master bedroom where they take turns using the restroom. After putting on their pajamas, Rydelle and Kinger fall asleep right before twilight comes side by side on their gigantic bed.)

The New Largest Coven

(Rydelle leads with her new husband, Kinger on her side over twenty-four gigantic vampires. There range from over six feet tall to the tallest one being exactly nine feet tall. Although Rydelle manages to keep a low profile many people scream.)

Kinger (sigh): I suppose we have the new largest Coven. Until now no one was able to make his or her Coven any bigger than the Rodatey one. Why? That’s because for the longest time they were the biggest one of all. Excepting for the Imperial Coven most have only four or five maximum.

Rydelle (excitedly): Well a lot of them will be envious of us now. Never mind that I can’t have kids of my own. Besides why try to get pregnant when we raise those vampires ourselves? Also two African-American adopted me parents with the youngest one Sarah. The reason why was because my birth parents couldn’t take care of me. Also they were way too young, and were extremely poor. Besides they were both vandals and extreme criminals. The parents who adopted me as a baby five years before they gave birth to Sarah the youngest were wonderful to me. They still are, but they just are not used to me being a vampire. That’s all.

Kinger (curious): Where is Sarah?

Rydelle (angrily): She called me last night then afterwards asked me to change her into a vampire, so I did. After I bit her neck I ran away being unable to see all this safely. It wasn’t until the pain went away that I finally put her to bed. She is sleeping now, but when she wakes-up she will need to learn blood control big time. I will teach that just like Otis once taught me.

Kinger (cries out): Oh, but you can’t. You’re still a new one.

Rydelle (shouts): Kinger don’t you ever tell me what to do! As the new leader of the Messer Coven you may give orders to all of our family members! Do not ever tell me what to do! Not ever!

(Soon an attractive huge girl named Gianna hits Oliver and Ira. They hit her back all use pitchforks against each other. Rydelle witnesses this, and then aggressively takes all three pitchforks away from them. After that Kinger opens the dumpster. Rydelle nods yes meaning keep it open, which was when she throws all three of them in there. Gianna, Ira, and Oliver try to walk away. Then suddenly a giant of nine feet named Giant blocks their way with his hands on his hips.)

Giant (furiously): Whose idea was it to hit each other with a pitchfork violently for fun?!

Gianna (truthfully): I suggested it because I thought that distracting the Borio Coven from Rydelle this way was cool. Thinking that us hitting each other with pitchforks as if we really were malicious would get Dorana to leave Rydelle alone.

Rydelle (disgusted): Did you guys not know that being violent for fun will cause Dorana to mistake it for real violent hate? That is an excellent way to have Dorana think we are the most violent Coven in all of La-La Land. Also all of Brenevila too even Brenevila City, and that reputation none of us want.

Ira (questions): What have you done to our pitchforks?

Kinger (honestly): Opened the dumpster, so Rydelle could throw them in there.

Oliver (cries out): Why?!

Kinger (answers): Because they were getting way too old to be used for shoveling manure. Also we just got new ones recently. It simply means that none of you had any right to use them to hit each other. Also being malicious and violent is no joking matter. It is not something worth pretending to do for fun because later on it will become real. Then your reputation will be terrible for the rest of your lives.

Giant (asks): Is this what you want? A bad reputation forever just like what happened to Dorana, and her Borio gang when they once upon a time did that too?

Gianna, Ira, and Oliver (answers crying): No.

Rydelle (sobs): Good. Don’t ever do that again! Not ever! That goes for everyone else in our family too! Especially the ones who wish to remain in the Messer Coven!

(Soon Rydelle and Kinger embrace and kiss each other. Suddenly they see a Harpy named Kirsten yanks Rydelle’s hair, and brutally attack her. Kinger sees Kirsten trying to kill Rydelle by slamming her on the grass over and over again.)

Rydelle (screams): AAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! Kinger help me!

Kinger (loudly): I’m coming Rydelle! Don’t you worry! I will save you from that evil Harpy!

(As Kinger runs up to Rydelle to save her from getting killed by Kirsten a red and black monster shows up. Kinger stops running then after that attacking Kirsten maliciously. After Rydelle gets freed from Kirsten’s clutches goes inside the house. All the other gigantic vampires follow Kinger into the fun room closing all the windows. Then after that Rydelle closes the dark-green curtains. As unbearable as it is Rydelle doesn’t see the monster kill Kirsten. Instead she remains inside with Kinger, and everyone else in the Coven stays in hiding. The entire family does that until they all stop hearing awful noises from outside.)

Rydelle (whispers): I love you Kinger. (She touches both his cheeks then kisses him.) I have always loved you.

Kinger (quietly): I love you too Rydelle. (He gives Rydelle a huge hug while Rydelle hugs him back. Remaining in each other’s arms Rydelle and Kinger kiss each other quite a bit.)

From Sad to Overjoyed

(One day Rydelle is swimming in the beach with Kinger and all the other giant vampires. Along with them Sarah too swims with them, but they all do it with their clothes on. Giant swam wearing a tuxedo, and black top hat. All of a sudden, Sarah sees an evil vampire thwacking an unlikely child. One with red-black hair just like her vampire dad’s. However, her pale skin was definitely unusual white when suddenly she sees Rydelle.)

Sarah (hollers): Rydelle! Rydelle! Come and see!

Rydelle (questions): Well what is it Sarah? Tell me.

Sarah (sobs): Your ex-boyfriend that took your daughter away from you because our parents forced him too is hitting her. Not only should you never have dated him, but also he’s an awful dad.

Rydelle (cries out): What in the world are you talking about?!

Sarah (gaily): Your former vampire lover, Rory Whirlwind. He wasn’t in any coven when he made you pregnant as a human. In fact, Rory Whirlwind still isn’t as your pregnancy made him a refugee. Don’t let him get to you though. He’s evil even more so than Dorana, and her stupid Borio Coven. They should all die.

(Soon the evil vampire Rydelle used to date when she was human. Until now, Rydelle didn’t know that her daughter was half human half vampire an extremely rare species of people.)

Rory (aggressively): Do not go near my daughter Rydelle, or you will wish that you never gave her away to me! One year ago you gave birth to her! Then after you named her Valora you woke-up finding her gone! You can’t have her Rydelle! Our relationship is over! There will be no wedding!

Rydelle (angrily): I will never marry you Rory Whirlwind! Yes, you lied to me as a human that were a human! You were not though! You were a vampire, and this year I became one myself! It’s bad enough my parents wouldn’t let me raise Valora, but you can’t have her because you hit her too much! You’re a terrible boyfriend to me, and father to Valora! Now give me Valora, or else Giant will sic you like a dog!

(Soon Kinger gets out of the water with Rydelle, and all the other giant vampires, including Sarah. After that Rory Whirlwind gets scared, which is after Rachelle blows the whistle.)

Rory (screams): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! (He runs away leaving Valora totally surrendering her to Rydelle.)

Valora (curious): Where are we going?

Rydelle (orders): May all of the rest of them from the Messer Coven ride those huge Runner horses following Sarah and Giant. They will take you home. (Soon Rydelle walks with Kinger and Valora to the three remaining Runner horses. The huge ones that most people and vampires don’t ever dare ride. After that Kinger lifts Rydelle onto the black horse. Then he lifts Valora onto one of the brown ones. After that Kinger mounts onto the other brown horse by himself. Seeing that Dorana and her Coven was at the beach, Rydelle has all the horses gallop.)

Kinger (yells): HYAH! HYAH!

(Rydelle keeps on leading Kinger and Valora riding right behind her to gallop extremely fast. They gallop away from the beach into the forest where most vampires don’t dare go. Valora got scared, but determined to go to her new home kept on going.)

Valora (asks): Are you going to be my dad Kinger?

Kinger (answers): Yes, of course I am Valora. I am Rydelle’s husband, but don’t call us Mom and Dad. Just simply call us Kinger and Rydelle like everyone else. You are a Messer now. We expect you to behave like one.

Rydelle (cheerfully): I’m so glad that I can finally see you again. You have grown so much, and I conceived you one year ago. You’re supposed to be only one, but you look age – ten.

Valora (gaily): I will look seventeen soon, but after that I shall stop aging in addition to growing. I hate Dad. He’s such a jerk.

Rydelle (orders): Don’t talk anymore Valora. We are almost home. Also to avoid getting caught, I shall have to change your hair.

(Soon after Rydelle gets home she dismounts the Runner horse with the help from Kinger, and so does Valora. After that they quickly greet the rest of the Messer Coven. Then after that Rydelle quickly takes Valora up the stairs to the bathroom. There she sits Valora on the stool cutting off all her way too long hair making it chin-length. After that Rydelle puts on gloves. Then she pours a bunch of permanent yellow dye all over Valora as it was the only way to hide her without harm.)

Valora (crying): Is it permanent?

Rydelle (sobs): Yes, but it was the only way to hide you from your awful dad, and the Borio Coven without getting caught.

Valora (weeps): Will I never be able to marry because I’m half human half vampire, and not even my own kind, or either.

Rydelle (crying in floods of tears): It doesn’t matter what species and race of the people you marry. All I care about is that he will love you for who you are. Also that you can care about him for who he is too.

Valora (asks): Even an immortal?

(Kinger soon shows-up to see Valora looking totally different, yet unusually even more beautiful than before. Kinger smiled when he saw Valora’s yellow hair soon to be her permanent trademark. They embraced as a father and daughter would.)

Kinger (answers): Even an immortal. Don’t love somebody for their race. Love them for their nice personality instead. Looks don’t matter, and besides Sarah will marry Giant soon.

Valora (puzzled): Oh really?

Kinger (sigh): Yes really. Giant spent many years trying to find a woman, but until Sarah found no one. Let them marry.

Rydelle (excitedly): I will. Just like we married each other after falling in love at first sight they will too. Just like it destiny and fate for us to marry the same applies for them.

(Soon Rydelle, Kinger, and Valora walk down the stairs only to find Sarah and Giant making out on the living room floor. Sarah and Giant are wearing fancier gold wedding rings. Much fancier ones that Rydelle and Kinger wear.)

Sarah (curious): Are the Rodateys and Imperials and Borios really Covens?

Giant (softly): Of course not. We banned that title one thousand years, yet they still prefer it over family. Oh no they are families just like we are. No more using the word Coven. Okay?

Sarah (whispers): Okay, but we have to tell them to stop too.

(Sarah and Giant continue making-out then after that Rydelle and Kinger walk up the stairs. Valora who is curious about the whole romance Sarah and Giant are doing stays near the doorway. Valora stays there with the door more than halfway open to spy on them making out just to see how it is done.)

Valora Grows-up

(Valora tries on all the clothes, and even the ones that fit her last week especially shoes don’t fit her anymore. Rydelle is shocked to see in just two months she already looks age seventeen. No longer looking like a child now looks like a young adult making Kinger and Rydelle stunned. They still love her as she would be their family always no matter what.)

Valora (panics): None of my clothes and shoes fit me! I have nothing to wear excepting my stupid polka-dotted pajamas!

Rydelle (boldly): Do not fear Valora. You won’t have to wear these stupid pajamas and slippers any longer. I am giving you all my old clothes that I never can fit in ever. I thought they might fit you a lot better than they ever will me. Shoes and all that Valora.

(Soon Rydelle gives Valora more than enough clothes and shoes to wear. Then after that Rydelle leaves to give Valora the privacy to get dressed in her own room. Soon she comes down the stairs, and then after that the Messer family stares at her.)

Irving (stutters): Y-Y-Y-Y-You a-a-a-are –v-v-v-v-very b-b-b-beautif-f-f-f-ul V-V-V-V-alora.

Heidi (rudely): Oh don’t mind Irving Valora. He stutters too much anyway, and to be embarrassed about your own family. Extremely ridiculous – no ludicrous is more like it!

Rachelle (angrily): Badly done Heidi!

Valora (screams): I hate you because you’re a giant and you stutter! Not a good combinations because giants aren’t supposed to stutter! Also you are not a vampire either! Not at all! You’re just a giant that likes blood intake like vampires!

(All the other giants gasp and gape when Valora blows their cover in the most hurtful way possible. After that Irving gives Valora a dirty look as he doesn’t expect this at all. No one does, including angry Kinger and Rydelle with their arms crossed.)

Irving (wails): WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Boo, hoo, hoo, hoo!

Gianna (cries out): What the –?!

Rydelle (orders): Say I have never been so insulted in my life!

Irving (stammers and sobs): I-I-I h-h-h-have n-n-n-never b-b-b-b-been s-s-s-s-so in-in-in-in-insulted in m-m-my l-l-l-l-ife!

Oliver (asks): When will Irving stop stuttering and stammering?

Ira (answers): Probably never. He always did it as long as I had known him.

Rydelle (shouts): Okay you two naughty giant men knock it off! We never make fun of anyone especially if they stutter and stammer! The same applies to you Valora!

Valora (whines): But you were once rude to the Raven Mocker named Rephaim saying you wouldn’t date or marry him because he was one before you befriended him! After he betrayed Dorana, and her stupid gang that is!

Kinger (furiously): Unbelievable! I thought you would be much better than Rydelle was at your age! Apologize to Irving now!

(Soon Valora opens the door to Irving’s room where he was sitting on his bed, crying. After that Valora sat right beside him.)

Valora (sobs): I’m sorry that I blew your cover that you were a giant and not a vampire. Also that I made fun of your stuttering, and you being a giant. I won’t do it again.

Irving (sadly): I-I-I f-f-f-f-f-forgive y-y-y-y-you V-V-Valora. W-W-W-Will n-n-n-n-never s-s-s-stop l-l-l-l-loving y-you. N-N-Not e-e-e-e-ever.

(Soon Irving and Valora hug each other just like a brother and sister would. After that Rydelle and Kinger while they have their arms around each other smile watching them.)

Rydelle (warns): Do that to anyone outside the family Valora, and he or she probably will never forgive you for that ever. Be careful how you treat us because after all I once learned this. Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done to you. Also two wrongs don’t make a right. However, in Dorana’s case she will have to either be killed, or kill us all especially me.

Valora (suggests): We should get out of La-La Land then move to another part of Brenevila where she can’t find us. Maybe Brenevila City, or anywhere excepting here should be safe. There has to be another way besides killing her to get you safe Rydelle. Maybe Kinger can lead us right beside you.

Rydelle (softly): He already does, and no there is other way to make me safe again other than killing Dorana. Besides no matter where we go I will not be safe. That is why we cannot move, so instead we will all stay to kill her. Valora I know you will not like this, but Dorana and her gang are after me. I took you in to keep me safe, but also because you are my daughter. The only one I will ever have, and the only one I shall ever want.

Valora (sigh): I can’t have children? Vampires can’t have them?

Rydelle (sadly): Vampires can, but they often choose not to since as a vampire we have a greater risk of dangerous children. More so than any other race of people especially women, but the men often do it with women who aren’t. Since you are only half-vampire and half-human you can definitely have a child of your own, but without that huge risk. That is unless a vampire makes you pregnant. Then it is a problem.

Valora (curious): That is why some innocent people get changed into vampires instead?

Kinger (sobs): Yes that is why. I may take blood, but I’m not a vampire. None of your family is excepting Rydelle and Sarah. You are only half that, so for you it is a different story. The rest of us are giants, but do not worry Giant is only nine feet. Only in the fairytales do they ever tower everyone and everything.

Valora (asks): How do I know that I’m in love with someone when I fall in love, and I fall in love with?

Rydelle (answers): This is not something any of us can answer for you. Valora one day when you fall in love, really fall in love with someone you will know it. Then you shall remain with him as long as you live. I thought I loved Rory Whirlwind, but it turned out he did not love me back. The whole thing with us was a mistake, and I never loved Otis at all. Don’t ever say that this was your fault because it wasn’t your fault. It was mine, but after staring at Kinger knew he was the one for me. Someday when the time is right you will meet a man, and he will be special only for you as you just for him. Be patient. Love isn’t something worth rushing for. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Valora (sobs, then laughs): I promise.

(Soon Valora and Rydelle put their arms around each other on the couch. After that Valora skipped right out of the house, and before she could further into the yard Sarah blocked her.)

Sarah (suspicious): Just where do you think you’re going?

Valora (lies): Nowhere. Just might go horseback riding alone.

Sarah (sighs): All right, but don’t be gone long. Rydelle and Kinger will be very suspicious of you. That is if they find out I allowed you to ride by yourself. Do it, but don’t tell them.

(Soon Valora grabs one of the already tacked-up white Runner horses Then after that using a step stool Valora mounts-up on that horse gallops it away by herself.)

Valora (shouts): HYAH! HYAH!

Giant (bellows): Come back here!

(Valora completely ignores Giant continuing to gallop that white Runner horse away alone. She does it against Rydelle and Kinger’s wishes as they never let anyone ride alone ever. Feeling totally free and happy, Valora soon gallops away from the rural countryside into the forest hoping to leave La-La Land. Even if it is just for one day Valora finally gets her wish to ride alone fast away from her family as it now comes true.)

Valora (joyfully): Yeehaw! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

(Valora continues to gallop the white horse further and further into the forest. She is definitely without doubt running away from home. Doing this like mother like daughter only instead of walking and being prepared, she gallops on horseback alone.)

Frightening Dragons

(Valora continues galloping her white horse through the forest. Suddenly she sees a bunch of destructive fire-breathing dragons, which is when her horse gets spooked. The white horse rears at the dragon that just burned one of the trees.)


(Valora falls off the huge off the white horse. Then after that she falls to the ground, and her horse runs away. Having no time to catch her horse she runs away as fast as she can. Valora feels more frightened and alone than ever before especially when she runs away from frightening dragons. Thinking as a child all dragons were friendly Valora is certainly wrong about that now.)

Valora (screams): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! (Valora realizes she is totally lost and alone in a dangerous forest. One inhabited by destructive unfriendly dragons.) Help me! I’m lost! Help me please! I don’t want to get burned by a dragon! Help!

(Soon she sees a strange-looking person she never encountered before riding upon a white horse. Valora who is totally desperate and all points to the rider in a hitchhiking sign. Then before long Valora jumps right behind that male rider. Not knowing that Valora rides right behind him keeps on galloping. Valora grips onto the male rider in a romantic hugging position.)

Valora (cheerfully): Thank you for saving my life, and allowing me to ride right behind you Mister um –

Legolas (sighs): My name is Legolas, and you really didn’t have to do that.

Valora (excitedly): Oh, but it was necessary. If it weren’t for you destructive fire-breathing dragons would have burned me.

Legolas (angrily): Who are you, and why did you jump on my horse right behind me.

Valora (explains): My white one reared me off, and then after it ran away things became disastrous for me. It was either that, or I became dragon food. My horse ran away, and I had no time to catch it. By the way, I am half vampire half human.

Legolas (astonished): Oh really?

Valora (softly): Yes, and my hair is short and yellow because if my mom, Rydelle didn’t do it the villain would kill me now. Rory Whirlwind was my birth father, but it is the giant, Kinger who is raising me with former human now vampire, Rydelle. My name Legolas is Valora Messer.

Legolas (voice-breaking): Women never choose me as a hero ever Valora. Thank you for jumping behind me. I will get you to safety, and make sure you get better clothes than this.

(Soon Legolas slows his horse down, and then after that Valora dismount it right before he does. Then after that Legolas leads Valora into a small cottage. That is where a bunch other people are partying, drinking, eating, and dancing nonstop.)

Valora (asks): What are these little people doing here?

Legolas (answers): Well these hobbits and dwarves are dancing together. I also see elves, and only – two giants?

Valora (asks): Doro and Moody? What are both doing here?

Doro (answers): Don’t worry about us Valora. We are your family. We won’t squash you, or them.

Moody (happily): We are just watching the party, and should I ask the human girl, Adanta to dance with me?

(Adanta soon giggles after waving at Moody like a preteen girl having a huge crush on a preteen boy. Then after that Adanta stops dancing she walks towards Moody. Soon after that Moody bends down followed by him making-out with Adanta.)

Adanta (softly): I love you Moody Messer. Come away with me.

Moody (quietly): I love you too Adanta. I wish to marry you as a human woman. Together we shall have many – children.

Adanta (whispers): Definitely. (Adanta and Moody hug and kiss each other.)

(Meanwhile Legolas offers Valora some beer, and she wolfs it down. While Legolas only drinks one glass of it Valora has eight of them until she passes out. Everyone at the party gasped and gaped at Legolas for allowing this to happen.)

Legolas (lies): It’s all right! There is nothing to panic about! Keep on partying people!

(Soon angry Rydelle shows-up to see Valora on the floor.)

Rydelle (furiously): Looks like the party is over already Legolas! First my daughter lies to me she is just going for a ride! Then I have to catch her horse, and ride it due to her reckless behavior! Yes, you may have saved Valora, but then you offer her beer, and get her totally drunk!

Legolas (sobs): I didn’t mean to! All I offered her was one, but then she has seven more meaning she brought it upon herself!

(Soon Rydelle saw Valora get up from the floor acting as is she can’t find a wall. Valora throws-up in the garbage can then after that Legolas kisses both of Valora’s cheeks.)

Rydelle (harshly): Do not dare marry that elf Valora! He may have saved your life, but I don’t think he’s the one for you!

Valora (yells): You’re wrong Rydelle! He saved my life, but not in vain as we had fallen in love – at first sight! Well if you married a giant then why can’t I marry him?! I will marry no one, but this man because fate has brought us together! You are just too scared to understand that it happened to me! Too scared to let me go, let me grow-up, and let me have my own life! As soon as we marry there shall be children! Our kids! I’m sorry Rydelle, but I am not coming back with you! Not until we marry, and I give birth to our first child! He will be the dad!

Rydelle (weeps): Then marry Legolas though this isn’t someone I would have chosen myself. He’s yours, not mine. Before you decide not to come back at least do it just until we kill Dorana. Help me do it as you are the only one who can trick her. I need your help Valora. You are my last and only hope.

Legolas (crying in tears): We shall have many arguments together, which shall always end with us making out. That for us is what true love is about. I promise you she won’t starve.

Rydelle (sadly): You win Legolas. You were right, and I was wrong. If Valora ran away it was probably because she wanted to do it to find true love. She did Legolas, and it’s you. (Then after Rydelle turns to Valora, she and Valora hug each other.) Goodbye Valora. I will ride the huge white horse home for you. You will get a nicer one after you wed, and that I promise you.

(Knowing that Rydelle was going to keep her promise Legolas escorts Valora into his room. After that he takes off Valora’s smelly clothes replacing them with a white nightgown. There in his bed Valora snores.)

Argument Then Romance

(Legolas was using his laptop to research how to raise children sitting on an uncomfortable tree stump. Suddenly he sees Valora riding his horse circling in the right direction. She does this again and again thinking this will impress him.)

Legolas (shouts): Excuse me Valora, but what are you doing?

Valora (cheerfully): It is a very nice day isn’t it Legolas?

Legolas (complains): It would be if you didn’t interrupt me using the computer, and ride my horse constantly circling me. Well I don’t find it very impressive Valora. I find it annoying especially on my horse!

Valora (argues): I didn’t steal your horse Legolas At'ves-sia! I only borrowed it! By the way, At’ves-sia will be my last name after I marry you as it is yours right now!

Legolas (yells): I hate you Valora! I never want to see you ever again you half vampire and half human!

Valora (roars): Oh yeah well me riding your horse circling you shouldn’t be that big of a deal to you, you elf!

Legolas (shouts): Get off my horse Valora! I will never marry you ever, and I –

(Soon Valora gets down from Legolas’s horse, and then ties the horse to the post. After that Legolas and Valora make-out, which is right after Legolas throws his laptop in the dumpster. These two soon get serious, which is when they marry near the stables after exchanging gold rings they found on the ground.)

Valora (quietly): Rydelle isn’t safe anywhere. Neither am I.

Legolas (whispers): Me neither. (They hug and kiss each other.)

      Evil Dies

(Rydelle opens-up a can of nectarine juice, which she knew Dorana loves to drink nonstop everyday if not blood. Valora makes the trick complete by pouring poison into that same cup. After that Valora closes the bottle with a danger sign meaning poison followed by Rydelle going outside to the porch alone.)

Rydelle (mad): Dorana what are you, and your stupid gang doing on my property?

Dorana (laughs wickedly): You are be beheaded then burned into the ashes of a bonfire five minutes from now. I suggest you say goodbye to your family, so I can kill you.

Rydelle (screams): All you care about is your own self! Your gang is becoming extremely upset with you, which is why they all betrayed you last night! Valora is married and about to have a baby now, so go ahead and kill me! Just don’t hurt Valora!

Dorana (disgusted): That is not tomato juice is it? I hate tomato juice!

Rydelle (lies): Oh no Dorana it is your favorite this time. Nectarine juice, and if you drink it all at once it shall make you stronger than blood ever can. Strengthen your muscles too.

Dorana (greedy): Give it to me!

(Dorana soon grabs the nectarine juice straight out of Rydelle’s hands forcefully. After that not knowing that the juice is contaminated with poison actually drinks it all. After that Dorana chokes then falls to the ground. The poison instantly kills her, which is when Kinger shows up.)

Kinger (shocked): You killed her Rydelle. How did that happen?

Rydelle (sobs): I had to be the one to kill Dorana. It was either I poisoned her nectarine juice with the help from Valora, or she killed me in a more gory brutal way. It was the only way to defeat, and also she deserved it. Even her gang has betrayed her leaving her alone to do this by herself.

Kinger (sobs): Rydelle now that this happened you must come inside. Valora had a contraction after helping you, and now she has given birth to a fine baby boy. We have a grandson Rydelle.

(Soon Rydelle comes inside with Kinger. Walking up the stairs to Valora’s bedroom where they saw her holding a baby boy. Alongside her was Legolas who married her, and as the father of the baby stayed at her side smiling.)

Legolas (merrily): We both named him Clonk At’ves-sia.

Rydelle (cries out): What?!

Kinger (stunned): No way!

Valora (cheerfully): Yes way! It was my idea, and also we think it is the greatest name for him ever!

Rydelle (sighs): Clonk is definitely no name for even a baby boy in my opinion, but since you both have him call him whatever you want. Just know that your son might hate it when he’s older! Giant hated his name once, but then later learned to love it. If Giant can love his name, so can your son. After all it is his name, and when he grows-up he will be special and unique.

Kinger (softly): Different from the others yes, and it doesn’t matter that he is an elf, vampire, and human. No, all that matters is that he grows up choosing good over evil.

Legolas (excitedly): We will make sure that Clonk At’ves-sia does, dear beautiful Valora. You and I together.

(Soon all the rest of the giants come to see Valora with Legolas holding her baby boy, Clonk. Sarah the vampire, and the human lover of Moody, Adanta shows-up too to see the baby.)

Rydelle (sigh): We should be happy that we finally defeated Dorana; however, this isn’t the end of the fight yet. It is only the beginning of what is to come next.

Kinger (triumphantly): Then we shall fight together to the end.

(Soon while Kinger and Rydelle hug and kiss each other Sarah and Giant do it too. Then in front of the entire family Legolas and Valora kiss each other then their baby son, Clonk. After that Moody and Adanta hug and kiss each other. As for the rest of the family they are just happy to see Valora’s son.)

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