Rydelle Rodatey

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La-Land Fantasy and the many legends of itEdit

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In "La-La Land" Rydelle is a newly changed vampire is totally lost especially with herself, her new life as a vampire, and just getting to know her family. While all of them hope that she chooses Riley as her soul mate after years on giving-up finding one for Otis who turns out to be the one who changed her. Not long after he teaches her to control her bloodlust after a disgusting zoo incident with an alligator Rydelle falls in love with Otis. However, it ends up not working out the way Rydelle hoped it would because he and Riley were both already "taken" by their other vampire soul mates who hated Rydelle big time. Rydelle soon becomes extremely unhappy with the Rodatey Coven leaving them all to form a new one of her own later known as the "Messer Coven" filled by "giant" vampires.

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